Small Double Beds

The HomeArena bring you a wide variety of high quality small double beds. With so much variety in designs, sizes, shapes and materials, you can pick anything from classic wooden beds to the contemporary metal beds. Our specialty lies in our budget friendly price range that makes it affordable for people with any pocket size to find a high quality sleeping retreat for themselves.

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Enjoy the Spaciousness of Small Double Beds

Everybody is different in weight, size and height one way or the other. This means you will find many people with a physique not suitable for single sized beds. For people with slightly larger physiques than average, the best way to find a comfortable sleeping platform is to look for small double beds. These are the beds designed to comfortably accommodate slightly larger and bulkier people. The truth is that these not only suffice for large and bulky individuals only, but a smaller and leaner couple can fit in them as well, which makes them even more useful in many respects. So, if you weigh and/or measure above average as a single or below average as a couple, Homearena has something very special at offer for you in our assortment of small double size beds. We offer huge variety in almost every aspect of these beds, ranging from shapes to finishes and materials. It turns out to be an even better deal for you because you can get what you have been looking for a long time at unbelievably cheap rates. Our standard dimensions for this size are: 120 cm (W) x 190 cm (L).

Get Top Quality Products at Best Prices

Though you might find cheap rates at many other places, but there is always one big issue, i.e. quality. However, you will be comforted greatly in knowing that our products are of topmost quality even with cheaper price tags. So, you may feel free in trying one for yourself to feel the difference.