7 Great Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenage can either be the best part of your kid’s life or the worst. As a parent, there is nothing that you are not willing to do to make your teen aged daughter’s life a bit easier and happier. Presenting your kid with a beautifully done bedroom on her 16th birthday is a wonderful idea for that, especially if you know what colours she likes. Some great teenage girl bedroom ideas are shared here to help you get closer to your kid by presenting her the bedroom of her dreams.

1          Grown Up Vibes

By the time your kids are 15 or 16, they want to be treated as grownups, and quite rightly so. An all-white bedroom can help you give grownup vibes to your kid’s bedroom, especially if it is adorned predominantly with white furnishings with some bright coloured accents here and there.

girls bedroom decor

2          Clash is Good, the Colour Clash!

No, of course not, no clashes at all with your own kid, especially in her teens! However, clash can serve exceptionally good, especially for teenage girl bedroom ideas in a north-faced room, with plenty of colours and patterns adding fun and warmth to bring all the happiness in the world to your kid’s face.

girls bedroom decor

3          Give Her Some ‘Space’!

Don’t you find teens needing ‘some space’ all the time? Well, it might be the best time to give her some real ‘space’ using great space saving yet adorable ideas. Bunks are great, especially when they are up against a wall, offering lots of storage space underneath them. The good thing is that nowadays you can easily buy cheap bunk beds online to give your kid what she wants the most perhaps, the space. With furniture industry getting better every single day, there is no need to be concerned about bunk beds safety issues, since they are addressed quite well nowadays.  

girls bedroom decor

4          A Little Wall Art

An otherwise plain bedroom can be turned into a bright and glowing teen hub with a little wall art, especially if it is matched with boldly coloured accessories or flooring. This simple idea can be one of the best teenage girl bedroom ideas.

girls bedroom decor

5          Elegance of Neutrals

One does not have to wait till their 30s to add elegance to their persona. In fact, elegance in teens sounds even more elegant! Everything about this bedroom scheme is so elegant and cool. Apparently, it could be a girl’s room or boy’s, but a closer look will let you observe cushion details, making this bedroom suited to a girl whose life is perhaps not as pink as other girls her age.

girls bedroom decor

6          Playful Motifs

Make your girl’s room fun and be playful enough to add super big motifs across the walls. They can be stencilled out, cut and pasted from wallpapers or you might even simply use the wall stickers. Let her room speak for her loud, bold, and clear!

girls bedroom decor

7          Let Her ‘Sleepover’

Sleepovers are one of the most common things that teenage girls are to experience during those few years, friends coming by out of nowhere. What better mom than one giving her girl some great sleepover space where she can enjoy with her friends all night long? Make sure you choose the colours she likes the most if you really want to turn it into one of the best teenage girl bedroom ideas.

girls bedroom decor

Hope you find some of these teenage girl bedroom ideas practical and fruitful enough to bring your teen queen close to your heart!

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