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What is the best way to keep leather beds well protected?

Your bedroom should be properly maintained cleaned and a leather protector should be used to keep your leather bed safe from spills. Your leather bed should not be kept under direct sun light as it can cause cracks by hardening the surface. Keep your leather bed in a balanced temperature and away from the reach of pet’s paws and other sharp objects.

What should I know before I start looking for a new bed?

You should have a broader idea of how do you want to furnish your home, along with a sense of awareness about what type of furniture would best suit your current home decor theme. Factors like material of the bed, design, style and colour should all be considered before commencing the bed buying process. For detailed information, consult our comprehensive .

How good are the qualities of your beds?

Our beds are very high quality. For our leather beds we use PU leather instead of PVC as it is better quality and lasts longer. We buy our beds from the same factories as UK’s biggest high street stores, the quality is the same but the big difference is the price.

Which type of mattress is most appropriate for the people with back aches or muscle pains?

Memory Foam Mattress is an ideal choice for those who frequently experience muscle stress and pain in their back. Memory foam is pressure relieving mattress that conforms to your body and contributes to your spinal alignment bringing relief to the pain points of body.

What is the best cleaner to clean leather bed surfaces safely?

There is a variety of cleaners available in the market for leather cleaning but not all of them are reliable and safe to use. Make sure you use quality leather cleaners free of toxic chemicals to avoid any harm to your leather bed. Some reliable and high quality leather bed cleaners are Prochem Leather Cleaner, Weiman® Leather Cleaner & Polish, EZY Care Leather Cleaner, Crypton Leather Cleaners and CPR Cleaner & Conditioner. The quality cleaning products will not only protect the leather surface of your frame but ensure that your bed glistens and conveys a touch of sophisticated glamour.

What are different types of beds?

You can segregate types of bed on basis of style as well as the material they are made from. Some most common types include: Bed Types Based on Material Based on material of the bed, you have Wooden Beds, Metal Beds, Real Leather Beds, Faux Leather Beds and Fabric Beds. Bed Types Based on Style Based on style, you have Storage Beds, Guest Beds, Sleigh Beds, Children and Bunk Beds, Sofa Beds and Day Beds. Are beds available in different sizes? Different people need different bed sizes according to their physical needs or sleeping habits and preferences. That is why we offer beds in all sizes ranging from small single to super king size. The sizes offered are: Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, Super King Size.

Is there any easy method to repair scratches on leather beds at home?

Yes, you can repair small and less deep scratches on leather bed by following some easy techniques at home. Make sure to be very careful while applying the methods on your leather bed so it doesn’t turn to further damage and tears. Just go through this blog that has brought some easy methods for you to repair your leather bed scratches at home.

How will I know if my item has been dispatched?

We will notify you via email when your item has been dispatched; delivery will then be the next working day. If you do not receive your item the next working day please email or call us.

What happens if I am not in when a delivery attempt is made?

The couriers will leave a card through the door for you to call them and arrange a re-delivery date suitable to you.

How important is the factor of cost?

To many, this might be the single most influencing factor in finalizing the type of bed they end up with. Your pocket size affects your decision of buying a particular bed significantly. So, make sure you find a bed that is able to return you the best value of your investment irrespective of the amount paid in particular.

Is a leather bed better than a fabric bed?

Both the bed types are good in terms of durability and quality. It depends on your life and what serves you the best. A leather bed is good for you if you don’t have kids or pets like a cat or a dog at home as they can damage the leather covering. The surface of a fabric bed is sturdier and cannot be ripped easily or damaged, and can easily be repaired.

Do you price match?

Yes we price match. Please call us on 0115 9867439 and we can then advise further

If I am not happy with my item can I return it for a refund?

For your peace of mind and in compliance with the distance selling law, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee within which, for whatever reason, you may return your item for a full refund (excluding P&P costs) - returned postage must be paid for by the buyer. Please request an RMA number if you wish to return your item, items returned to us without an RMA number will not be processed.

Please note that the item must be returned to us in the condition that it was sent out in along with the correct packaging, so that we can sell it again. If an item is not returned to us in the original condition then we reserve the right not to issue a full refund.

What points should we consider while opting for the best sofa bed?

The best sofa bed should equally satisfy you with both the quality and comfort. Make sure the sofa you are opting for is made of best quality material and provides you utmost comfort whilst using it as a sofa or bed. The sofa bed should fit well with the size of your room so make sure you check the dimensions of the sofa bed to make sure it will fit.

Will you take the bed upstairs?

Please note, due to health and safety reasons, the courier driver can only deliver furniture to your doorstep, he is not allowed to enter your premises!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit cards. Credit/Debit card payments can either be made online or taken over the phone.

Is a sofa bed comfortable and supportive enough to use regularly as a bed?

Sofa beds may not serve as perfectly if you are planning to use it regularly as a bed. Sofa beds are made for temporary use and cannot replace the comfort of a regular bed. I would not encourage using a sofa bed frequently as a bed as they will not provide as much comfort and support as a regular bed. Sofa beds possess a convertible mechanism which you will need to operate in order to make the sofa into a bed and then back into a sofa which is not always practical.

What does the density of memory foam mattresses mean?

There are mainly 3 different densities of memory foam mattresses which are low density, medium density and high density. Low-density memory foam is below 40kg/m3, medium-density memory foam is around 40 to 80kg/m3 and anything above 80kg/m3 is high-density memory foam. High-density memory is perfect in terms of comfort and support but high in price while the comfort level and support of medium density memory is appreciable and not very pricy.

Are there any negative aspects to leather beds?

Yes, in spite of many good aspects of Leathers beds, there are some common drawbacks of this product too. Real leather beds can be an expensive investment (faux leather is a cheaper alternative). Moreover, leather material is prone to rips, staining and discolouration if not properly cared for.

Are all beds any different or same?

Though the underlying purpose of a good night’s sleep might apply on all beds universally, but not all of them cater it alike. Some beds focus on providing different firmness levels like soft and firm to help people get a better, comfortable and healthier sleep, while some focus on design and finishing of the bed to make it an absolute centrepiece. You also get specialized features in some beds like adjustable bases and wheels for convenient movement. Features like these also need to be considered before starting the shopping process.

When will I received my item?

If an item is purchased before 4:00PM Monday-Friday then it will be sent the same day for next day delivery. All orders dispatched on Friday will arrive the following Monday.

All orders placed after 4:00PM on Friday will be sent the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday, along with all order placed on the weekend.

Are leather sofa beds easy to maintain as compared to fabric sofa beds?

Leather sofa beds are good and handy from cleaning point of view while fabric sofa beds have fibres which absorb stain and dirt deep inside and require heavy rubbing to wash off. A leather sofa bed is good for you if you don’t have animals at home as they can damage the leather surface and repairing the ripped leather covering is a challenging task. The fabric surface is sturdier and cannot be ragged easily and if damaged, can easily be repaired.

What are the different functions of a sofa bed?

Sofa beds play the role of a regular sofa and provide the same level of comfort and tranquillity. By simply pulling its convertible mechanism, you can easily turn it from a sofa to a bed for a serene night’s sleep. Sofa beds can also be used as a couch, divan, recliner and a lounger. Some sofa beds also come with storage solutions to help you store your belongings and excess items smartly.

What happens if my item arrives damaged?

Please do not sign for the item and ask the driver to take it back. We will then send you a brand new item. Or if you have signed for item, please mention that it was “damaged” on the drivers’ electronics PDA/delivery sheet next to your signature. If the item is not signed for as damaged then you have agreed that it was received in “good condition”, therefore we cannot then launch a claim against the couriers for damaged goods.

If an item does arrive damaged please notify us within 3 working days otherwise we cannot file a complaint with the couriers.

What are the pros and cons of sofa beds?

Sofa bed is a multi-functional furniture item that serves you both the functions of bed and sofa and saves you space. Sofa is a better alternative to other space saving sleepers but cannot beat the comfort of a regular bed. It is suggested to buy sofa beds with built-in mattress if you are going to use it on regular basis. Sofa bed is good for singles but not very practical for couples.

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What are the major issues of leather beds that majority of the consumers encountered with?

Leather bed is a good investment though, but there are some cases where little knowledge about leather bed maintenance and wrong purchase decision of consumers gave them hard time and they encountered with problems like leather peeling, fading and cracking.

How much a memory foam mattress satisfies the customer?

If you choose the density of your memory foam mattress wisely it will serve you well for years to come. These types of mattresses have an odour problem experienced commonly customers but they can easily be aired away by placing them at an open place for a day. You can go through the reviews of customers to get an idea what type of problems they usually face with memory foam mattresses.

Is sofa bed better than futon?

It depends on your priorities to determine which one serves you the best. If your major concern is comfort and appearance, then sofa bed is the best option for you. If your top concern is saving space, then futon with its slim built will serve you better.

What things do you need to consider before purchasing a leather bed?

There are a few factors to consider when buying a leather bed such as the colour, dimensions, design, warranty and the type of leather bed as well. Please read our blog where we have covered all these aspects in detail

What is the safest method to remove the stains from memory foam mattress?

Prepare a cleaning solution for stain removal at home to avoid any risk during the cleaning process. Make sure to rub the spotted area gently with a soft sponge to keep your mattress safe from discolouration caused by harsh rubbing. You can go through our complete set of instructions regarding how to clean memory foam mattress.