Sofa Bed Buying Guide

Sofa Beds

In fact, the concept of sofa bed involves looking for extra convenience in a situation where conventional sofas or beds fail to deliver what you desire.

Choosing The Perfect Sofa Bed

sofa bed

And if you are unable to pick a sofa bed that offers you specifically what you require under a particular situation, getting one becomes pointless. This is where the idea of a comprehensive sofa bed guide pops up and this passage explains everything that you might need to know for getting the best sofa bed for you.

Sofa Beds

One of the easiest ways of describing sofa bed is a sofa with a fully useable bed built into it. The bed is engineered to extend out and fold back right into the base of the sofa, capable of transforming into a bed from sofa and vice versa.

Why sofa bed?

Indeed, the very first question to pop up in your mind in the quest to buy a sofa bed. Many people choose it over other conventional alternatives because they just want a bed that will not be subjected to frequent use. Some are looking for one because they often get overnight visitors and accommodating them becomes an issue. You can also get one to furnish your spare room, because there is no point occupying it with a large bedframe all the time. Sofa bed is a piece of furniture capable of serving you dually depending on your needs and requirements, as a couch to lounge upon or as a bed to lay down your back on.

Basic types depending on the mechanism

Hosting overnight guests can turn into your worst nightmare if you do not have enough space and sense to accommodate them. There are some extremely convenient and practical solutions that modern guest beds offer, helping you give your guests a wonderful place for a restful sleep. You can pick from some great variety of folding beds, rollaway beds and trundle beds to make sure that hosting guests overnight never becomes a problem for you.

Pullout Sofa Beds

pullout sofa bed

A pullout sofa bed appears similar to a standard sofa, but carries a metal frame hidden into its seating section. Remove the seat cushions and you can simply pull out the metal frame to get a sturdy bedframe ready in moments. It can be folded back as easily into the frame of the sofa when you do not need the bed.

Why choose them?

This is because they offer you a convenient, efficient and durable mechanism for using a furniture item in multiple ways. As a matter of fact, with pullout sofa beds, you get the best of both worlds. A sofa bed will serve you as fully functional bed with ample comfort and support, while also serving you as a handy couch to rest upon during the day.

Click-clack Sofa Beds

click clack bed

The click-clack sofa beds offer incredibly simple mechanism to use a furniture piece for multiple purposes. Simply pull the sofa away from a wall if it is placed closed to it. Lift its front part to apply the click-clack mechanism and put it back down to get a transformed bed ready to offer you a good night sleep. Since the mattress used is the same as in sofa, you get an equally comfortable sleeping platform as you get a lounging space.

Why choose them?

Click-clack sofa beds can be your saviours when needing a last minute simple and convenient solution to host overnight guests. With minimal effort, you can get a sleep-ready bed from a stylish sofa without wasting any time and effort in removing and replacing seat cushions. High density foam used to offer you a luxurious sitting also offers you an equally comfortable sleeping experience.

Fold Out Sofa Beds

fold out sofa

Fold out sofa beds can often appear just like the standard sofas. You can get them into sleep-ready beds quite easily. In most designs for fold out sofa beds, backrest cushion is removed first to unfold the seating section once or twice, depending upon how a particular sofa is designed. Some of them offer grounded sleeping platform, while others are designed with foldable legs to offer a slightly raised sleeping surface.

Why choose them?

The convenient design and comfortable seating or sleeping bases make fold out sofa beds incredibly popular and practical as a choice for sofa beds, as almost anyone can easily transform them from sofa to bed. You just have to make sure that the sofa has got enough space to unfold in front of it. Like click-clacks sofa beds, the fold out sofa beds also have the same cushioning for sitting as well as sleeping, offering you equal levels of comfort and convenience.

Futon Sofa Beds

futon sofa

Futon sofa beds are available in a variety of styles, but simplicity and convenience is the prime element of their design. A futon usually comprises of two elements, a wooden or metal frame and a futon mattress on top to complete it. In most designs, the backrest is fitted with a click-clack mechanism for transformation into bed from sofa.

Why choose them?

Futon sofa beds serve great in places with limited space and offer unbelievably convenient sleeping solution with their simple and minimalist design. Affordability is another of their great features. Though they might not be very appropriate for your living room, but they serve superb for small bedrooms, kids’ rooms, guest rooms and spare rooms.

Corner Sofa Beds

corner sofa

Though all corner sofa beds might seem like same, but these are available with certain variations in basic design. Some of them are available without backrest on their chaise end, while others boast of a solid backrest even at the chaise end. Chaise end refers to the shorter side protruding out of corner sofa beds, giving them a contemporary and stylish makeover. In most of the designs, there are pullout straps fitted in non-chaise end of the sofa, which can be pulled out to reveal a mattress hidden within the base. The same straps also extend the base out on castors and the hidden mattress can be laid on the base to offer you a convenient and luxurious sleeping platform.

Why choose them?

Though popularly believed to be appropriate for larger rooms, corner sofa beds can be great for smaller rooms as well, with modern designs combining storage space mostly under their chaise ends. So, you not only get a sofa and bed in one furniture piece with contemporary corner sofa beds, but you also get ample storage space with these, which is a great added incentive without any doubt.

How to determine whether a corner sofa bed is left hand or right hand oriented?

There seems to be a widespread misunderstanding about whether a corner sofa bed is right hand or left hand oriented. There is one simple way of determining that. While standing right in front of a corner sofa, see if its protruded end is on your left hand or right. A sofa with a chaise end pointed towards your right hand will be a right hand corner sofa, while one with chaise end pointing towards your left hand will be a left hand corner sofa. Moreover, there are some odd designs as well, with both ends identical to each other, thus being suitable for either corners of a room.

What to consider before buying a sofa bed?

There are few very important things to consider before buying a sofa bed that can return you the best value of your money, such as:

How to be used most frequently?

Make sure to determine whether your new furniture item will be used as sofa for most of the time or as bed? In case you plan to use it mostly as sofa, try finding one with cushioned armrests along with comfortable rounded and padded backrest. On the contrary, if it is to be used mostly as bed, try getting one offering high density foam or something like spring coil mattress.

Consider the occupants

Getting a sofa bed without considering who will be occupying it for most of the time might not get you close to the desired outcome. Younger kids can get adequate support from almost any type of surface. However, if it is to be used mostly for hosting older guests, getting one with high density foam or highly supportive mattress would be the way to go.

Consider the dimensions of the room

Not keeping the size of the room in mind while buying a sleeper sofa can result in quite unhappy ending for you. There is no point in getting a furniture item for a room if it is too small or too big for it. Make sure to have enough space in a room if you want to get a pull out sofa bed. However, you might face trouble fitting that into a small room where a sleeker and lighter futon can serve you superbly.

Consider the room decor

Getting a sofa bed without considering who will be occupying it for most of the time might not get you close to the desired outcome. Younger kids can get adequate support from almost any type of surface. However, if it is to be used mostly for hosting older guests, getting one with high density foam or highly supportive mattress would be the way to go.

Tips for Selecting the Best Sofa Bed

Savvy shoppers never buy anything without properly researching for it first. Since a sofa bed is going to serve you dual purposes, it also needs double research to make sure you get the best value from your investment. Make sure to keep the tips listed below in mind to get the best sofa bed.

Double test the comfort

Many people suffice on testing how comfortable a sofa bed might be when seated on it. However, the smart ones go the extra mile to check the level of comfort it offers when lying on it. Remember, you do not really shop for sofa beds every other day. So, you need to be vigilant enough when buying one in the first place. A typical sofa bed offers 4.5 inches of mattress thickness and if you want to feel comfortable while sleeping on it, avoid going for one that offers you a thickness lesser than 4.5 inches.

Double check the measurements

How much a sofa bed measures when folded and unfolded? Will it have enough room to expand as a bed in the room where you plan to rest it? Can the dimensions of a sofa bed become problem when moving it through the doors or through staircases. Everything needs to be double checked here as well.

Check the mechanism

Since this type of furniture item is to be subjected to transformation, you better thoroughly check its mechanism of transformation from sofa to bed and vice versa. Make sure it can be conveniently carried out by a single person. Also make sure that it does not squeak and squeal while doing so.

Where is it going to be placed?

Though this might not seem like a big deal, but it can become a real nuisance if you do not consider where to put what kind of sofa bed. For places like living room and guest rooms, sofa beds with leather upholstery or microfiber upholstery serve good enough, but do not make the mistake of getting one such for kids bedroom or any other place expected to have high traffic. Instead, pick a durable textile such places.


This is where many people tend to overlook. Flattered by the looks, quality or mechanism of a sofa bed, they might not consider its weight, which can become a real problem later on, hampering the mobility of the furniture piece.

Warranties and Guaranties

Buying a product with warranties and guaranties form manufacturer ensures the quality of the item. Make sure you get a piece with manufacturer warranty to get satisfied about its quality.


A sofa bed brings about a unique charm and versatility of its own to a household in addition to convenience and dual functionalities. Your money is not worth wasting on low quality or inappropriate type of furniture items. So, make sure you have proper information and knowledge on different aspects of sofa beds to make the best buy.