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10 Simple and Easy Ways on How to Organise Your Home


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organise your home

One of the best things about human life is the variety it bestows us with. During childhood, the problems seem as little as the kids themselves, but as one grows up, the magnitude and scale of problems start to pile up. From preschool to high school and college, living life as a student has its own charms; no serious problems and nothing to worry about. However, one has to get exposed to countless irregularities of life during adulthood.

  • How Do You Really Do It?

organise your office For some people, these become simply too much to make them go crazy instead of trying to deal with them one at a time; so much so that people start getting irritated and allergic to them. There are many people in my own acquaintance for whom managing their own home becomes too much to ask. This is to all of them and countless others like them who are simply unable to enjoy little joys of their lives just because they are unable to fix their house and turn it into a neat, clean, tidy and organised home. Listed below are 10 simple and easy ways on how to organise your home.

1 - Organising Master and Guest Bedrooms

Wholesomely Furnished Bedroom Decorating Idea If you are no more finding comfort and peace in the room that you find yourself in after opening eyes in the morning or before going to "slumber-land" in the night, you better reorganise it to claim the joy, comfort and peace that you feel lacking in your life right now. A little effort can bring back the joys and comfort of your life, turning your bedroom into your private comforting oasis once again. A day off from office might serve best for this. Wake up as late as you want to make sure that there is no tiredness left inside your body and mind, dedicating them on how to organise your home. Start by picking what you think doesn't belong to that room; for example, your kid's half broken favourite racing car resting behind one leg of your bed or your favourite buckle loosened out of your last belt, and so forth. Get a bin and start throwing all such stuff into it, so that you either get back what you can to the room it belongs to, or convince yourself to throw it out or donate. If you seem unable to manage clutter well, there are some great designs of storage beds with different storage mechanisms offering you not only spacious storage space, but a hidden one as well. Similarly, you can rearrange your guest bedroom in case you have one.

2 - Organising Kids' Bedroom

Bedroom Decor In Neutral HuesKids, cute little creatures that add the colour and joys into your life, but sometimes they sort of make the joys ooze out in abundance; for example, in their rooms. A kids' room might be one place with the potential to leech all your energy, patience and stamina while bringing an order to it. However, there are still some ways that can be helpful to deal with this 'ordeal'. First of all, you have to take care of the pile of clothes that seems to continually grow without any apparent reason. Fix the closets and drawers in the room to get back everything to its respective place. Make sure you teach them how to do so by themselves, helping incorporate this habit into them, if you want a long-term solution to this. Also make sure that you find them a spot for toys, which is accessible and manageable for them if you want to ensure that you don't end up tripping over any of them when you open the door next time. This simple but essential tip would be one of the bests on how to organise your home.

3 - Organising Kitchen

Being Playful with Colour SchemeOf course, how dare you forget the kitchen, one of the most high-traffic rooms in the whole house? It has to bear the brunt in countless ways, from the kids spilling water, milk or juices in a bid to pour them using their own hands instead of asking mom who is perhaps busy preparing a super meal for the whole family and guests, to the dog sitting in the corner with bits and pieces of dog food scattered here and there. In short, kitchen is a place full of action as evident by food stains, crumbs and clutter visible through all of it, from floor to the walls and cabinet doors. Trust me, if you knew your favourite restaurant's kitchen to be serving you from a place like this, you might be tempted to call the health department. So, it is imperative to reorganise your kitchen as soon as possible. You can do this by maximising your countertops and reducing clutter from them. Use all those vacant drawers and cabinets whose stuff lies on countertops since the last time your used them. To remove old stains, you might also have to use a scrubbing brush and hot water. A neat and clean kitchen not only adds to the beauty of the whole house, but also contributes in taking care of the health aspects of your whole family. Organising your kitchen is imperative if you are worried about how to organise your home.

4 - Organising Family Room

High Headboard Bedroom Decorating IdeasHow can you claim to be a functional family if you have a dysfunctional family room in your home? Remote controls, toys, board games, DVDs and much more ends up scattered around all through the family room; one place where you end up spending the most time also turns out to be the one which you need to clean the most. It is better to organise your family room step by step to make it junk free. Since, this can become an overwhelming task, divide it in parts; taking on the area of the room that bothers you the most. Set up a dedicated kids' area with all the toys and stuff organised there. Arrange the DVDs, CDs and remotes within the racks in your media centre and get rid of everything that does not belong to this room. Make sure your family room looks like a family room of a mature family's members rather than belonging to a bunch of cavemen. Your quest of how to organise your home cannot be deemed significant without organising your family room.

5 - Organising Bathroom

Bedroom Window TreatmentBathroom is a place that is most susceptible to getting dirty and cluttered because everyone visits bathroom quite a few times every single day, from younger kids still learning to use toilet properly to visitors, kids taking joyful combine showers when mom is busy elsewhere to you leaving behind shampoos and soaps in a hurry when getting late from office. Not to mention the toothpastes to toothbrushes and other personal care items. The first thing you need to do is get rid of unnecessary clutter and old bits and pieces like used razors, toothbrushes, used toothpastes and so forth. Arrange properly what you need in there and make sure you clean the place as soon as you get time. If you are interested in knowing how to organise your home, you better learn how to organise your bathroom first.

6 - Organising Garage

Fine Bed LinensGarage is a place meant for us to park our vehicle and perhaps work on a workbench during weekend projects. However, in reality, most of the households simply turn garages into mini dump yards hosting everything from two decades' old motorbike to broken lights and bumpers of your vehicles, your kids' bicycles and tricycles, broken water hose to broken work desk. In short, for most of us, an off-the-grid and convenient place like garage becomes too irresistible not to dump everything there. However, if you want it neat and clean, you will have to spend some time clearing the clutter away. You will have to be ruthless in scrutinizing what you really need in there and what you need to throw out the window. Bikes should be hanged on walls rather than occupying unnecessary floor space. Tools should be kept in tool cases or storage shelves; you might need to get some new ones if you don't already have them in there. You can also arrange car supplies and beach toys on vertical space provided to you by storage racks. Empty brake fluid bottles, car-washing brushes and broken toys; all such things shall no more be seen lying here and there in your garage. Even if you are compelled to put something away in garage, make sure it is confined to a particular corner, altogether, not in bits and pieces. To avoid clutter in your garage, you will have to be extra vigilant and make sure you never let anything unnecessary occupy the floor space, moving it out as soon as possible. Your quest on how to organise your home remains insignificant without focusing on organising your garage.

7 - Mud Room/Laundry Room

Mirrors in Bedroom Decorating IdeasAs they say, size really doesn't matter; so is the case with this small room we refer as the laundry room/mud room. Though most homes have a very small area dedicated as a mud or laundry room, but it can still appear to be a gigantic mess because of the dirty shoes and clothes hosted in the room. Moreover, most of the times, a mud room or laundry room also bears the brunt of countless feet constantly moving through. Thus, this room has a very high potential of looking like the messiest room in your house. So, you have to be very heedful in making sure that it stays neat, clean and organised all the time, because once it starts getting messy, there is nothing stopping it. Also make sure that you convey the message to all inhabitants of the house not to contribute in making this room the dirtiest one. Otherwise, this little room would become one of the major problems for you in your house.

8 - Home Office

Filling the Void over HeadboardWhether this room is used by you as a home office or as a home-school, it is a room which is highly prone to get loaded with clutter much sooner than you can think or do anything about it. Bills find a place in here somehow, different types of papers, files and file folders also end up here in addition to the big desk right in the centre of the room serving as the best place to host a pile of mail, books and catalogues. You will also have to deal with this room step by step, starting from eliminating unnecessary stuff from it to dedicating specific areas and spots for different things. You must think and work hard on how to organise your home office to make sure you are getting closer to the objective of how to organise your home.

9 - Hall Closet

Embracing the ArtFor most of us, opening the hall closet door is no less than opening up a Pandora's Box containing endless volumes of hodgepodge. Some of the items most likely to be seen in there include shoes (muddy, most probably), blankets, jackets, vacuum cleaner, etc. Though the look of the hall closet might differ in each house, but the ingredients mainly remain the same. This is definitely one place that you need to get the clutter out of and organise it as quickly as possible. To maximise the space and minimise the junk, get rid of totally unnecessary stuff and fix some new hooks and racks in there to keep the items neatly arranged. There is one more thing that can help you with this, i.e. check younger kids from accessing hall closet frequently, because no matter how hard you try, kids have their own way of dealing with things.

10 - Attic/ Storage Room

Wakeup CallWell, the name says it all here, doesn't it? After all, there is no better place on the face of the earth than your attic or storage room to dump everything you find out of use in your home. And that is why you have to encounter falling boxes whenever you try to get in there to find something you have forgotten after throwing there. You know that the storage capacity of the room is well over its limit and you need to totally dispose so many things off, but the mere thought of spending the whole weekend in there once you open the door frightens you from taking any such dare. However, this is something you will have to face because of what you had been doing earlier, so gear yourself up for operation clean-up if you don't want the room of the attic/storage busted to scatter the unwanted stuff around in your house.

  • Conclusion

To conclude, once engaged in making your house a true home to you, you will simply regret not starting it earlier because of all the fun, creativity, excitement and satisfaction it has to offer.

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