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14 Simple and Wonderful Bedroom Decorating Ideas


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bedroom decorating

Although the complexities, individualities and uniqueness of the human mind is beyond imagination, let alone comprehension every person has an individual perception; there are however certain things that all of us can agree with and want. Did you make a guess and come up with answers like a big house, lots of money, lots of fame and recognition?

  • How Do You Really Do It?

well decorated bedroom Our focus of attention is much simpler ....... and much lovelier here! I bet almost none of you would have thought that all of us want to have a wonderful, serene, luxurious and most of all, a comfortable bedroom too, where we can crash land after a hectic day of work to wake up rejuvenated and refuelled to take up what fate has in store for us for the day ahead. That is why we bring 14 Simple and Wonderful Bedroom Decorating Ideas to give you the bedroom decor you always wanted to have, but had no idea how to get it done.

1 - Furnish Wholesomely

Wholesomely Furnished Bedroom Decorating Idea Let's begin with what we 'should' have in our bedrooms rather than what we 'want' to have in there. Many of us simply overlook the fact that our bedroom should be able to take care of us 24/7, rather than catering for us as a chamber of sleep only. Our sleeping dens should be able to accommodate us with our morning-to-night time routines wholly. Purchasing stylish and reliable bedroom furniture extras is one of the best things to do in this regard. You should not hesitate much in spending on items like storage trunks, casual seating solutions, reading chairs, sofa beds, media centres, dressing tables, nightstands and similar items, which can help you run through your daily routine smoothly and conveniently. You can simply forgo the yesteryears' matching trends in accessorising your bedrooms and conjure up an interesting mix of conventional and unconventional furnishing that is varied yet coherent enough to harmonise each element to result in beautiful yet practical bedroom decorating ideas.

2 - Colour and Pattern Tips

Bedroom Decor In Neutral HuesThe significance of a luxurious mattress and a comfy pillow is beyond any question in lulling you to a restful sleep, but seeing the appropriate colours across the room also plays a great role in sending you off to 'slumber-land'. Make your bed appear more inviting using appropriate combinations of floral patterns through the bedroom. You may vary in scale of the floral pattern, but sticking to a single colour palette will help you in creating an easy-on-the-eye ambiance. The same principle holds true for the combination of striped, geometric and floral patterns. Just make sure that each pattern relies on the same primary hue, so that mixing and matching becomes convenient and successful. If you want a bedroom exuding serenity and calmness, choosing from cool and neutral hues is the best way to go.

3 - Being More Playful with Colours

Being Playful with Colour SchemeYou need to be very careful in being playful with colours for your bedroom decorating ideas, because if you don't, you might end up being played by the colours instead. One of the best ways to be successful in playing with colours is to confine to a single colour palette, choosing and combining paint colours for walls, ceilings, bedding, drapery and other accessories. You can be playful in choosing the range of light and dark tones, solid and patterned fabrics, and rough and smooth textures to come up with serene yet noteworthy bedroom ambiance. Introducing area rugs, throw blankets, accent pillows and window treatments in subtly varied manner would simply serve as icing on the cake.

4 - Choosing a Focal Point

High Headboard Bedroom Decorating IdeasYou can add an unexpected splendour and grandeur by simply having an eye-catching headboard. Attractive, soft and cushy without any hard edges; a headboard with top class upholstery not only adds to your comfort but also adds significantly in enhancing the aesthetics of your bedroom. You don't essentially need to buy an expensive new bed; you can glorify one of the storage beds you already have with a new headboard only. You can add further twists by having a canopy around your bedroom, especially if looking for privacy, intimacy and a sense of enclosure.

5 - Bedroom Window Treatment

Bedroom Window TreatmentMost people prefer bedroom window treatments that offer room-darkening solutions during the day to be able to block daylight, while also capable of providing privacy at night. However, this is only the functional dimensions of bedroom window treatments; there are more to them as well, i.e. contributing in a bedroom's overall decor. If you want to incorporate romantic elegance, swaged or gathered draperies serve the purpose, while Roman shades help you exude tailored sophistication. One of the best ways to address functional as well as decorative needs of a bedroom is to combine draperies with room-darkening shades. Bedroom decorating ideas without appropriate window treatments simply lose their significance in the longer run.

6 - Bedding Tips

Fine Bed LinensUnlike what many people believe, high thread count is not the only criterion when shopping for fine linens. While there is no denying the fact that a high thread count (the total number of threads used per square inch) translates in higher quality linens, what counts the most is the material used to make the sheets. If you are looking for lint-free durable and luxuriously soft sheets, Egyptian, pima or Supima cotton is what you should hunt for. In reality, a sheet having 250-thread-count made out of these cottons, after washing, will still feel softer and luxurious as compared to a 400 or 500 thread-count sheet made out of a polyester-cotton blend.

7 - Mirror the Glamour Around

Mirrors in Bedroom Decorating IdeasThere can't be a place better than a bedroom which sparkles and shimmers luxury as well as romance. This is where mirrors can be the handiest. The great thing about incorporating mirrors in bedroom decorating ideas is that they combine the best of beauty as well as practicality. In addition to beautifying the interior of a bedroom, they can help in reflecting outside light as well as views in a bedroom, which works wonders in giving the illusion of space in a bedroom with smaller dimensions. By hanging an oversized mirror on one of the walls lacking a window, it can help you create a scenic view inside the bedroom, which couldn't have been possible otherwise. Moreover, if you want to create an illusion of depth, it can simply be done by leaning a tall mirror against a wall. It can also be used to view yourself while getting ready and dressed to step out.

8 - Filling the Void

Filling the Void over HeadboardThat odd mystifying space right between the headboard of your bed and ceiling is what disturbs the balance of any bedroom. Making the most of this naked void can be done by introducing clever and innovative room accents. This space can be taken care of by adorning it with square picture frames in the case of a curved headboard, and round frames can be used in case you have a squared headboard. Another way of taking care of this imbalance is by decking the wall following the curves of the headboard with some decorative items, such as mirror frames or decorative plates. Using the decorative objects in odd numbers serves best in such a place, bringing you the most eye-pleasing effects. Make sure that your artwork suspends approximately not more than a foot on top of the highest point that a headboard might have, so that the two appear like a single unit without that awkward space marring the decor of the room.

9 - Embracing the Art

Embracing the ArtEmbracing the art can serve to be one of the best Bedroom Decorating Ideas, giving every bedroom its uniqueness and exquisiteness. It can be almost anything, from personal cherished collections to valued family photographs and exquisite artwork; each element adding to the personality and aura of the room. Introducing artwork in a bedroom should not be an issue if you have a flair for it. You will find plenty of appropriate places; for example, wall space above dressers and headboards. It can be raw in nature, or you may go for framing, with frames matching with other wood finishes applied in the room. Firstly, measure the space available between the ceiling and the top of the furniture pieces, marking the centre. Once done, you can work your way outwards in arrangement of art pieces from the centre point marked earlier. It is better to suspend art exhibits no more or less than a feet above headboard's top, making sure that the bedstead and exhibits have a unified front.

10 - Wake Up & Get Going!

Wakeup CallIt doesn't matter if you are a sleepyhead or a morning person – in a bedroom splashed up in a high energy colour theme, such as lime green with hot pink or red with blue – you will be charged up unprecedentedly. Complementary colours have a mantra of their own, exuding warmth, stimulating movement and promoting a lively cheer. Adding a bit of neutral into the mix only serves as icing on the cake. For example, duvets and bed quilts having white backgrounds help keeping the chaos away. Similarly, you can also vary in fabric patterns for subtle swaying. Introducing accents in one of the shades neighbouring primary hues of the room (in colour wheel, obviously!) is one great way to further ignite the charge. It could be anything from shams to throw pillows or other accessories.

11 - Innovative Bedside Etiquettes

Introducing Bedside Etiquette The need and design of the functional bedsides both have evolved significantly over a period of time. People are looking more for something as practical as a workhorse to something as stylish as a fine bedside. If you are also interested in incorporating some bedside etiquette; there are many solutions that give you everything from style to practicality and convenience in your bedside companion. If symmetry is the call of the day for you, matching side tables will serve you well, but there is no hard and fast rule obliging you to have identical copies of side tables in your bedroom. If space does not hinder you in the bedroom, you might go for a dresser bedside, offering you everything from generous storage space to convenient work desk right by your bedside. Undoubtedly, there are various ways nowadays available for you to express your style as well as incorporate some practicality and bedside etiquette in your bedroom.

12 - Organising Closets

Bedroom Decorating Ideas with ClosetsWhether you want to go for a walk-in closet or a door-front one, there are simple ways that can make your life easier, prettier and clutter free. For example, you may organise your clothing based on colour, which would surely make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. You can also go for hangers made up of only one type of material, i.e. wooden or plastic (or anything else that might catch your attention). This will help you get streamlined look through the interior of your closet. There is some other tweaking that you might apply on your closet to upgrade it, practically as well as aesthetically. For example, you can install a T-divider, if your closet is equipped with the conventional single rod also having a shelf on top. It will result in improved functionality. Your closet would be separated into two compartments with this, one suitable for long clothing, while the other having two rods for shorter items.

13 - Add a Bench

Bedroom Decorating Ideas with BenchesYou will be surprised to see how adding up a simple bench can underscore your bedroom decor. It doesn't take much either; all you need to do is find an appropriate, stylish and comfy bench sized right for the open space before your footboard. It will not only bring a touch of glamour but practicality as well. From skimming quickly through the pages of morning newspapers to sitting comfortably watching your favourite TV shows to putting on your shoes, you will find it ready and happy to offer a helping hand in almost anything you are planning to do. Moreover, there is so much variety to choose from in sizes to shapes, designs, materials and upholsteries.

14 - Relax in Style

Stylish and Relaxing Bedroom Decorating IdeasA luxurious bed is not the only thing defining your bedroom, you also need comfy sitting whether alone or expecting some company. That is why fitting in a couple of stylish and relaxing bedroom chairs is always one of the best bedroom decorating ideas.

  • Conclusion

To conclude, once engaged in making your house a true home to you, you will simply regret not starting it earlier because of all the fun, creativity, excitement and satisfaction it has to offer.

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