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150+ Homemade Christmas Gifts


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Posted By: HomeArena| Comments

Who doesn't like saving money, more so when you are able to do this while still treating others in a special manner? Don't worry if you had no idea how to go about it, HomeArena are here to help you with our 150+ Homemade Christmas Gifts and ideas to make this Christmas merrier than ever for you.

Homemade Christmas Gifts Ideas

We are going to showcase a list of fabulous homemade gifts to entertain the whole lot in your social circle including your friends, family, colleagues and all loved ones, while also taking care of your wallets. Our list offers you more than 150 Christmas gift ideas for you to choose from. These homemade Christmas gift ideas will help you a lot if you are low on budget this year and cannot afford to buy expensive gift items available in the market.

Moreover, handmade gifts always radiate intimacy and special care to your mates, so make them feel special while saving some money. The Holiday Season is definitely one of the best times of the year, packed and thriving with joys and festivities one after another (yes, I mean the New Year Eve as well!). We am here with all this to make it even better for you. So, let's get going!

1 - Christmas Crack Toffee – Sweeten Your Loved Ones' Christmas Ideas!

Christmas crack toffee

A yummy treat for your neighbours, family, friends and even colleagues, making sure this Christmas turns sweetest of all for them.

2 - Free Christmas Printable Tags

Free Christmas printable tags

Make your loved ones feel special by sharing some of these amazing free Christmas printable tags.

3 - Chocolate Covered Candy Canes

Chocolate covered Candy canes

The kids, who get something as lovely and yummilicious as these chocolate covered candy canes from you, will immediately fall in love with you.

4 - Cookie Dough

Cookie dough

Definitely a delicious treat that will serve as one of the best homemade gifts this Christmas to anyone who gets it from you.

5 - Sharpie Marker Gift Mugs – The Super Cool Homemade Christmas Gifts

Sharpie Marker Gift Mugs

Perfect gift for your colleagues; one of the best and the most economical diy Christmas gifts to make your colleagues praise you all year long.

6 - Personalised Picture Clock

Personal picture clocks

If you want to present any kid one of the most unique Christmas gifts this year, this would be it, courtesy Diary of a Crafty Lady!

7 - Homemade salsa – One of the Best Handmade Christmas Gifts to Win the Hearts

Homemade salsa

Young or old, guys or gals, silent or bold, this is something anyone would to love to get.

8 - Nail Polish with a Lovely Tag

Nail Polish with a lovely Tag

Who's it gonna be, your sister or your best friend? A little handmade tag like this can turn something as little as a nail polish into one of the best Christmas gifts ideas.

9 - Candy Cane Sugar Scrub – One Fun Way of Adding Some Colour and Life to Your Homemade Christmas Gifts

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

It's a great way to jazz up the Christmas fun, isn't it?

10 - Pretzel Hugs Gift

Pretzel hugs gift

Perfectly sweet treat for your kids, especially if you want to contain them indoors during this chilly Christmas.

11 - DIY Chalkboard – Fun Time for Kids Begins


Well, here it is; yet another way of keeping children engaged in fun activities this Christmas, making sure none of them catches cold running around outdoors.

12 - Homemade Hand Soaps

Homemade Hand Soaps

Pamper your Mom this Christmas by making hand soap for her, for all the love and care you have been getting from her all your life; the best of homemade Christmas gifts she could ever receive.

13 - Christmas M&M Poem for Your Kid's Teacher

Christmas M&M Poem for your teacher

One of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas to let your kid's teacher know how important she is to the whole family. Oh, and one more thing; when you get over with all your crafts and diys, make sure you declutter your home before the big day, Christmas!

14 - Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

You can make them in a few minutes.

15 - Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow

Hot Chocolate with marshmallow

Perfect drink for Christmas, and of course, a wonderful gift.

16 - DIY Leather Cuff

DIY Leather Cuff

Do something special for him, he will love this.

17 - Lemon Sugar Scrub

Lemon Sugar Scrub

It's easy to make and very effective; one of the best Christmas gifts to make.

18 - Handmade iPad Case

Handmade iPad case

You can easily make it. It's a useful gift.

19 - Gift Bag

Gift Bag

Obviously, people are gonna need some lovely bags to place their Christmas gifts. The good thing is that you will be able to gift them these lovely bags that you will prepare by yourself.

20 - Button Bookmarks – If You Love to Present Unique Christmas Gifts

Button bookmarks

This is really a cute gift.

21 - Gift Wrap Holder

Gift Wrap Holder

If you don't already happen to have a stand like this, you might not find it that cheap to buy, but trust me, this will be one of the best Christmas gift ideas that you will enjoy for a long time. For all the hard work and effort you are going to put into this Christmas, you deserve this one!

22 - Handmade Pretty Pouch

Handmade Pretty Pouch

You can present it t your friend or sister, she will definitely love it.

23 - Scented Gift Pack – One of the Best Homemade Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

Scented gift pack

A bucket filled with Christmas fruits and herbs, they type of homemade Christmas food gifts your granddad can expect only from you.

24 - DIY Crayon Holder

DIY Crayon Holder

And here is how you will be able to colour up the Christmas ideas of any young boy or girl you love the most.

25 - DIY Christmas Mugs

DIY Christmas Mugs

Paint the mugs yourself to gift them to your loved ones.

26 - Cookie Snow Globes

Cookie Snow globes

Bake these cute cookie globes this Christmas for the kids.

27 - DIY Clipboard

DIY clipboard

Very easy to make and very economical.

28 - DIY Clutch

DIY Clutch

Make a pretty clutch for mom, so that she can stock up her tiny items easily.

29 - DIY Glitter Art

DIY Glitter Art

Simple and cute; these are the type of diy Christmas gifts that make people feel special.

30 - Cute Ruffle Apron

Cute Ruffle Apron

Inexpensive and easy to make!

31 - Scrabble Letter Ornaments

Scrabble Letter Ornaments

It will make a great gift for anyone. In fact, you can keep it for the decoration of your own home. Isn't Christmas all about home decoration? The good thing is that we are here with some great cheap Christmas decoration ideas.

32 - Christmas Fudge

Christmas Fudge

Simply yummy and delicious!

33 - DIY Frosted Mason Jar Votives

DIY Frosted Mason Jar Votives

It will be a great addition in your friend's bedroom, brought to us by A Beautiful Mess.

34 - Cookies Jar

Cookies Jar

A jar of homemade cookies has always been a great gift.

35 - Homemade Jam

Homemade Jam

Talking of homemade Christmas food gifts, nothing can beat raspberry jam.

36 - DIY Ruffled Mason Jar Cozies

Jar Cosies

Easy to make and very cute; these make some amazingly adorable homemade Christmas presents.

37 - Banana Brown Sugar Scrub

Banana Brown sugar scrub

Make your loved ones' skin go soft and glowing this Christmas.

38 - Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

Very easy to make by yourself and very tasty to munch on, here is another of those mouth watering homemade Christmas food gifts to take care of your beloved kids.

39 - Apron for him

Apron for him

This would be a great gift for him, if he loves to cook. Martha Stewart deserves our special thanks for this one.

40 - DIY Mod Podge and Recycled Board Books

DIY Mod Podge and Recycled Board Books

Trust me, this could be one of the best Christmas craft ideas for kids ever attempted by you, just give it a try.

41 - Pin Cushion

Pin Cushion

It's really very easy to make and a useful gift for Moms.

42 - Dotted Glasses

Dotted glasses

Turn simple wine glasses into a novelty to present to someone special. You won't get much of Christmas homemade gift ideas better than this one.

43 - Grandma Blocks

Grandma Blocks

Here you go with one of the best Christmas craft ideas for kids; it will surely make the perfect gift for them.

44 - Family Organization Board

Family organization board

Indeed, Christmas is the best time to make your family feel loved.

45 - Dried Fruit Cookies

Dried Fruit Cookies

Easy and quick to make, and yummiest of all the homemade Christmas food gifts!

46 - Yummy Candy Cane Popcorn

Yummy Candy Cane Popcorn

Kids will love to have these on Christmas.

47 - Christmas Button Tree

Christmas button tree

Fun to make and really very economical; personally, I see it as one of the best Christmas craft ideas for kids.

48 - Family Photo Display Board

Family Photo Display Board

Easy to make and inexpensive Christmas gift for parents!

49 - Oven Mittens

Oven mittens

You can easily stitch a pair for your favourite little kid in the family.

50 - Kitchen Chalkboard

Kitchen Chalkboard

This is really a great gift to keep track of things.

51 - Candy Corn Jar with Tag

Candy corn jar with tag

Fill the jar with candy corn and strap a lovely tag.

52 - Glitter Gift Jars

Glitter gift jars

This is how you use the old mason jars and transform them into the most amazing cheap homemade Christmas gifts.

53 - DIY Merry Christmas Garland

DIY Merry Christmas Garland

It looks fabulous, and the best part is that it won't take much of your time or money.

54 - Meal Planner Board

Meal planner board

Well, this is something that everybody would love to have.

55 - Candy Cane Dips

Candy Cane dips

A lip-smacking gift!

56 - DIY Leather Cases

DIY leather cases

Very easy to stitch and a classy gift!

57 - Mint Brownies

Mint brownies

Try the yummy mint brownies this Christmas. A delicious gift shared by Mommysavers!

58 - Ice Cream Toppings

Ice Cream Toppings

Do something different for your neighbours this Christmas.

59 - Pearl Necklace

Pearls necklace

Easy to make and very pretty!

60 - Chalkboard Easel

Chalkboard easels

Great gift for kids and simple to make!

61 - DIY Chalkboard Mugs – The Homemade Christmas Gifts They Would Love!

DIY Chalkboard Mug

Perfect gift for colleagues, they will surely love you for this!

62 - Baked Brie with Dried Fruit, Caramel and Spice

Baked Brie with Dried Fruit

A bucket filled with yummy items. Everyone would love it, the best of homemade Christmas food gifts they would ever get!

63 - Homemade Play Dough

Homemade Play Dough

Make non-toxic play dough for kids this Christmas.

64 - Handmade Market Bag

Handmade Market Bag

Very useful gift for Moms and one of the best homemade crafts you could create!

65 - Homemade Carrot Coconut Bread

Homemade Carrot coconut bread

Bake this yummy bread this Christmas to gift it to neighbours.

66 - Handmade Spice Mix

Handmade Spice mix

Make a yummy mixture of spices to gift it to your Aunt.

67 - Homemade Gumdrops

Homemade gumdrops

Kids will love the yummy gumdrops. These are the homemade gifts for Christmas that kids love the most, because they are as tasty as they are colourful.

68 - "You're Like, Really Pretty" Mirror Gift for Your Besties

Mirror Gift for Your Besties

You are like really pretty; isn't this what your besties would love to hear from you. Such ideas for Christmas gifts would make you the real bestie for all your girls out there.

69 - Healing Lip Balm – You are Gonna Be Loved for Such Homemade Christmas Gifts

Healing lip balm

A perfect gift for the frosty season, one that would make you feel loved by anyone who gets it!

70 - Spoon Rings

Spoon Rings

Make pretty rings using your old spoons. Isn't this one of the loveliest Christmas gifts ideas for the girls you care about the most? Thanks to the Instructables!

71 - Jewellery Display Case

Jewellery display case

Girls would love to have this functional case, one of the best and easiest diy Christmas gifts you can offer someone.

72 - Fried Oreo-pancakes

Fried Oreo-pancakes

They are very easy and quick to make. Homemade Christmas food gifts are the greatest of all, tickling the taste buds of your loved ones.

73 - Handmade Flower Earrings

Handmade flower earrings

Use your artistic skills and make a lovely pair for your bestie.

74 - Handmade Hairpins

Handmade hairpins

When you talk of homemade gifts on Christmas, these are the ones that your little sister or niece would love the most!

75 - DIY Beaded Photo Frame

DIY beaded photo frame

Make your old photo frame look new and ornamented with pearls and beads.

76 - Knitted Hand Warmers

Knitted hand warmers

A cosy gift for your near ones; in fact, the best of handmade Christmas gifts they would get this chilly Christmas!

77 - Crayon Candles – One of the Best Homemade Christmas Gifts to Add Colour and Warmth to Christmas Joys!

Massage candles

This is the best way to add to the Christmas festivities of your loved ones; the best of homemade Christmas gifts to present this holiday season.

78 - Snowman Pillow

Snowman pillow

Perfect Christmas gift!

79 - Santa Clause Cushion

Santa clause cushion

This could be one of the most unique Christmas gifts your kids could ever get as a Christmas present.

80 - Fabric Gift Bag

Fabric gift bag

Moms and Grandmas would love to have this.

81 - Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Bracelet

Lovely gift for friends as well as family and colleagues!

82 - Handmade Muffler

Handmade muffler

To someone very special!

83 - Monogrammed Mittens

Monogrammed mittens

A warm gift for kids on frosty Christmas day!

84 - Handmade Headbands

Handmade headbands

Girls would love this lovely gift and perhaps one of the easiest homemade crafts for you as well.

85 - DIY Baby Hamper

DIY Baby Hamper

I love taking good care of babies, don't you!

86 - Handmade Pet collar – Pets also love Unique Christmas Gifts!

Handmade Pet collar

A lovely gift for pets; not only humans would love to have all the handmade Christmas gifts; pets also like to have some!

87 - Water Bottle Dog Toy

Toy crates

Talking of diy Christmas gifts for pets, here's yet another one that would amaze you and rejoice them!

88 - Homemade Almond Milk + Smoothies

Homemade Almond Milk + Smoothies

Everybody just loves to have such lovely homemade gifts.

89 - Potted Plant

Potted plant

Perfect gift for plant lovers, nature's way to add colours to someone's Christmas joys!

90 - Cranberry Wreath – The Cutest of All Homemade Christmas Gifts This Year

Homemade Christmas Gifts This Year

It's sooo lovely, I won't blame you if you keep it only to yourself rather than giving away!

91 - Stand-up Christmas Trees – This is What Homemade Christmas Cards are All About!

Stand-up Christmas Trees

Use your creativity and make a lovely Santa card. It's cute and economical.

92 - Yarn Trees

Yarn trees

Looking for something easy to make? Try this one.

93 - Crochet Santa Square

Crochet Santa Square

Make your loved ones feel warm and cosy with this little crafty Christmas gifts idea.

94 - Christmas Sweets Tray

Christmas Sweets tray

The evergreen ever righteous Christmas gift!

95 - Food Gift Basket Idea

Food Gift Basket Idea

Use your creativity and adorn the basket in a lovely way, thanks to HGTV.

96 - Homemade Moisturizing Cream

Homemade moisturizing cream

It's easy to make and is very effective, the kind of homemade Christmas gifts that take the best care of those you love the most.

97 - DIY Embellished Friendship Chain Bracelet

Embellished Friendship Chain Bracelet

Wonderful gift for friends!

98 - Money Balloons

Money balloons

Kids will love this clever idea, one of the best Christmas craft ideas for kids.

99 - Handmade Lace Cuff

Handmade lace cuff

Yes, you can easily make it. It's lovely and inexpensive.

100 - Handmade Makeup Magnet Board

Handmade Makeup Magnet Board

A handy gift for girls!

101 - Handmade Electronic Charging Station

Handmade electronic charging station

One of the best and the most unique Christmas gifts, something needed by everyone of our time and age!

102 - Snow Globe Jars – This is Gonna Make You Fall in Love with Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Snow Globe Jars

It's economical to make and looks very charming.

103 - Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's Milk Soap

It's economical to make and looks very charming.

104 - Essential Oil Burner – It's just Awesome!

Essential Oil Burner

Let's get people to thank you like crazy for your amazing Christmas ideas!

105 - Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Show your love to your near and dear ones by making these lovely handkerchiefs for them.

106 - Cute Handmade Button Rings

Cute Handmade Button Rings

I have just shared with you one of the cutest and the most unique Christmas gifts for this season!

107 - DIY Custom Pillows

DIY custom Pillows

Make it personalised to hand it over to someone special!

108 - Starfish Candle Holder

Starfish Candle Holder

Lovely Christmas gift, something sure to get you labelled as the homemade gifts specialist!

109 - Candy Topiary

Candy Topiary

It's fun to make this one.

110 - Brownies Jar – On Top of All Christmas Food Gifts

Brownies jar

This is what homemade Christmas food gifts have to look and taste like!

111 - Chocolate Body Scrub

Chocolate body scrub

To me, this is as close to uniqueness as you can get when it comes to unique Christmas gifts; surely worth presenting.

112 - Ruffled Bookmark

Ruffled bookmark

They look very cute and are not so hard to craft.

113 - Handmade Lunch Bag

Handmade lunch bag

These are the types of Christmas craft ideas for kids that I like instantly, simple yet wonderful gift.

114 - Puppy Pillow

Puppy pillow

Give a comfy gift to your puppy. You can easily make it utilising even old padding/mattress.

115 - DIY Book Bags

DIY book bags

It's time to show your skills!

116 - Teacup Candles

Teacup candles

Utilise your old tea cups and make them a lovely gift.

117 - Lemon Hand Scrub

Lemon hand scrub

Simple to make and very effective!

118 - Heat Pack/Baby Belly Bag

Heat pack

Perfect gift for winters, babies need special care and what best time of the year to get into such Christmas gifts ideas than on Christmas.

119 - Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes

Paper pyramid gift boxes

Really very inexpensive and simpler to make!

120 - Adorable Watch Strap

Adorable Watch Strap

Deserves every second of your time spent crafting it!

121 - Cute Cuddly Teddy

Cute Cuddly Teddy

A cosy gift for kids and young girls; it is this cuteness that I love the most about all these Christmas craft ideas for kids.

122 - Cute Little Crochet Booties

Cute Little Crochet Booties

As a mom, nothing else than a pair of these little cuties could have won over my heart. People love to get this gift on a frost day.

123 - Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

This is how you can use your old stuff to get something totally new and amazing.

124 - Double Chocolate Cookies

Double chocolate cookies

Perfect gift for chocolate lovers!

125 - Eggnog Dip

Eggnog dip

Quick to make and very tasty!

126 - Cheese Balls

Cheese balls

What about some hot steamy cheesy bites this Christmas?

127 - Santa Hat Chair Covers

Santa hat chair cover

Perfect for Christmas!

128 - Reindeer Cookies

Reindeer cookies

Delicious bite-a-licious homemade Christmas food gifts!

129 - Newfoundland Snowballs

Newfoundland Snowballs

The perfect treat for those striving taste buds.

130 - Beaded Mini Christmas Wreath

DIY beaded ornaments

Such lovely homemade Christmas gifts would surely add to the beauty and joys of Christmas for anyone who is lucky enough to get them.

131 - Sewing Kit Jar

Sewing kit jar

Moms will love this!

132 - Cheesecake


Simple and yummy – treat your family, friends and loved ones in the cheesiest of manners! All praise goes to the food network.

133 - Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Perfect dessert for the happy chill of wintery Christmas!

134 - DIY Cinnamon Ornament

DIY Cinnamon Ornament

Easy to make and cute, every kid in the house would try to grab it instantly.

135 - Scandinavian Tree

Scandinavian tree

Simple and charming, undeniable focal point in any home!

136 - Slipcover Stockings

Slipcover stockings

Simple to make yet unimaginably cute!

137 - Footprint T-Shirt

Footprint T-Shirt

You can make this artistic and funky shirt in few minutes.

138 - Paper Wall Hanging

Paper wall hanging

Cheap, simple and beautiful!

139 - Beaded Pen Wraps – Crafty Homemade Christmas Gifts

Beaded pen wraps

Adorn old pens with beads and turn them into crafty homemade Christmas gifts.

140 - Blooming Flower Pens – Make Some Cute and Unique Christmas Gifts

Blooming flower pens

They look very cute!

141 - Button Box Craft

Button box craft

Utilise old buttons creatively. It will turn out to be a lovely Christmas gift.

142 - Elegant Candle Jars

Elegant candle jars

Use your old mason jars this way.

143 - Hot Chocolate Jar

Hot chocolate jar

Your pals will love to get this chocolate drink jar.

144 - Pretty Flower Fairy Dolls

Pretty Flower Fairy Dolls

Christmas craft ideas for kids like these pretty dolls will make you the most favourite mom or aunt of the whole family.

145 - Swirl Christmas Ornaments

Swirl Christmas Ornaments

Warning: Many people are known to keep such lovely homemade Christmas gifts to themselves rather than presenting it to others!

146 - Cheese Cake Cookie Bars

Cheese cake cookie bars

Extremely delicious and quick to make – yummy treats like these make homemade Christmas food gifts so special.

147 - Pine Cone Basket

Pine cone basket

Economical and pretty!

148 - Polka Dot Flower Pots

Polka Dot Flower Pots

The easiest ones!

149 - Glitter Wine Glasses

Glitter Wine Glasses

Take out your old glasses. It's time to make them a lovely gift!

150 - Reindeer Towel

Reindeer Towel

It's all about Christmas!

151 - Christmas Candy Treat Box

Christmas candy treat box

Divine and tasty!


This concludes our list of 150+ Homemade Christmas Gifts to make this holiday season the most special for you. Being low on budget shall not hinder in the ways of your Christmas joys, with HomeArena by your side, there are always some more wonderful ways to save money on Christmas. Since it's all about getting crafty, the chances of a casual injury are always there; that's why we also want to have an idea of injury prevention during Christmas Holidays.

We are anxious to know of any diy Christmas food, decoration or craft ideas that you might have to share with all of us in the comment section below. Wishing you all a Christmas merrier than ever and here are some bedroom lighting ideas for Christmas, so that you could end your special day as joyously as you would spend it.

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