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Dining Room Ideas: 37 Superb Decorating Ideas for Dining Room


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Wondering how to decorate your dining room? Get a cue from these 37 Dining Room Ideas and earn immense admiration from anyone who steps into it.

1 - Create Style by Mixing Colour

Playing with furniture colour and style can give you a highly personalised look in your dining room furniture ideas.

Mixing Colours and Styles 1

The hot pink polka dot patterns of the wall paper on tower gray background stand out instantly, coordinating well with tickle me pink of the floor tiles. The dove gray and squeeze black chairs are balanced well against tower gray background on the wall, creating a charming dining room interior.

Mixing Colours and Styles 2

The white rock wall sets a neutral background, contrasted well with standing out portraits carrying dominant flamingo red and moss green. The stylish chairs in flamingo also balance well with the portrait colour, while the moss green of the other portrait turns into a blunt accent. The quarter Spanish white pendant lamp against the portraits contrasts boldly to serve as icing on the cake.

Mixing Colours and Styles 3

The white rock wall and tussock laminate flooring give a perfect neutral backdrop to add some amazing colours here. The satin linen dining table is a lovely calm centrepiece surrounded by even lovelier chairs, i.e. sprout green, surf, punch red, earls green, aqua haze and gray suit. The petite orchid drapes also accent the wall to complement the whole decor of this beautifully set-up dining room.

2 - Let the Neutrals Soothe the Ambiance

If you want a significantly relaxing ambiance in your dining room, then there is nothing better to serve you than neutrals. Given below are some amazing dining room decor patterns with neutrals setting the tone of the whole decor.

Soothing Neutrals Soothing Neutrals 2 Soothing Neutrals 3

With neutrals dominating the dining room decor ideas, less is more approach also works quite well, as evident from the images above.

3 - Soften It Up with Linens

You will be amazed to see how tinkering with some of the minute details like the linens of your dining room furniture can set the tone right for the whole dining space.

Softening Linens Softening Linens 2 Softening Linens 3

Playing with linens on your furniture will not only bestow you with a great opportunity to add a distinctive spark to the dining room decor, but will also add to the longevity of the furniture.

4 - Built-ins are Great for Saving Space in Small Dining Room Ideas

Built-in China cabinets help you significantly in adding some additional, adorable yet practical storage space to a small dining area. Custom displaying cabinets work even better for small dining room ideas.

Storage + Decoration Storage + Decoration 2 Storage + Decoration 3

Whether custom or built-in, China can add a sophisticated touch to any dining room decor without any doubt, with lots of visual appeasement as well.

5 - Engulf in Tradition

Let your family and guests engulfed in a traditional ambiance of your dining room, enjoying sumptuous mealtime of their liking.

Traditional Dining Room Decor Traditional Dining Room Decor 2 Traditional Dining Room Decor 3

The good thing about setting up a traditional dining room decor is that you can do so without worrying much about the size. Whether small or large, if you are willing, you can create a traditional ambiance quite conveniently.

6 - Pocket Doors are Best for Privacy

Sliding pocket doors are just great; they not only offer a free traffic flow, but also bestow you the intimacy as expected in a closed dining room. All you need to do is slide close the pocket doors to hide away the kitchen or living room.

Pocket Doors Pocket Doors 2 Pocket Doors 3

7 - Introduce a Calming Palette

A calm palette in the dining room means getting the best of meals with ease of mind and relaxation of the whole body.

Calming Palette

Green smoke walls with a door on one side and a large window on the other for plenty of sunlight brightening the judge gray dining table set creates a perfectly calming environment. The desert storm rug underneath the dining set is one great cushy accent on the laminate floor.

Calming Palette 2

Kangaroo walls and barley corn laminate flooring covered with grain brown rug set the calm tone of the whole room decor with contrasting metallic bronze dining set and matching drapery complementing it perfectly.

Calming Palette 3

Enjoy the calm of chino walls against apache glow of laminate flooring. This is complemented with a sapling rug hosting the contrasting glass tabletop and russet resin weave chairs having spring wood seat upholstery for high comfort. Mule fawn drapery further balances calmly with the russet chairs.

8 - Let the Windows Lighten Up Your Dining Room Ideas

There is nothing that can beat the warmth and glow of natural light; it simply makes a room magnetic.

Get Lightened with Windows Get Lightened with Windows 2 Get Lightened with Windows 3

The great thing about generous natural lighting is that it adds distinct character to different types of room decors, irrespective of the sizes and patterns followed.

9 - Mix Upholstery

You can add tons of textural depth if you are ready to experiment by mixing upholstery fabrics.

Mixed Upholstery Mixed Upholstery 2 Mixed Upholstery 3

Just see how little variations yield phenomenal differences in the overall decor of different types and styles of dining rooms.

10 - Integrate Nature

Let nature be your ultimate resort, even in the dining room! See how integrating the nature into a dining room ambiance can transform its look and feel.

Integrating Nature Integrating Nature 2 Integrating Nature 3

11 - Multitask

You can quite conveniently make dining rooms into a multiuse space. A little creativity and craftiness can do the trick for you.

Multitasking Multitasking 2 Multitasking 3

12 - Add the Illusion of Space in Your Small Dining Room Ideas

Not everybody gets a home with a spacious dining room. However, it doesn't mean you can't do anything to get the best out of it. Here are a few wonderful dining room decorating ideas for small spaces, to help you get the best out of them.

Illusion of Space

Lots of natural light and round table complemented with armless chairs do the trick here. Make sure to pick sleekly designed chairs and tables without compromising on durability and quality.

Illusion of Space 2

The sleek design of the round table and white leather upholstery on armless chairs contributes in adding to the illusion of space without compromising the sumptuousness of the arrangement.

Illusion of Space 3

Round table dining room set with ample natural lighting works wonders to create the illusion of space in a small dining room space.

13 - Add Height

You can also emphasise the height of the dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows as well as vertical stripes in drapery.

Adding Height Adding Height 2 Adding Height 3

14 - Think Flexible

You don't have to confine your dining space only for meal breaks. Think flexible and decorate your dining room for other practical aspects as well.

Think Flexible

Decorative shelving alongside the central fireplace with reliable lounging spaces around can give unprecedented cosiness and practicality to a dining room.

Think Flexible 2

See how a simple shelving arrangement can add undeniable practicality as well as beauty to a dining space.

Think Flexible 3

What a wonderful arrangement to exploit the maximum potential of a rectangular shaped dining room.

15 - Banquette Works Great

Built-in banquette arrangement works great in dining rooms if there is a shortage of space. You not only get generous seating with this type of arrangement, but the space underneath it can also be used as additional storage.

Banquette Seating Banquette Seating 2 Banquette Seating 3

16 - Don't Overlook Durability

In the long run, it is not advisable to design your dining room only for the looks and aesthetical values, overlooking the aspect of durability. So, make sure your dining room decor is as considerate of durability as it is of adorability of the place.

Decorating with Durability Decorating with Durability 2 Decorating with Durability 3

17 - Bring Out Your Creativity in Colours

Unorthodox colour schemes might seem like a risky transaction, but when executed wisely, it can yield some magnificent results.

Colour Creatively Colour Creatively 2 Colour Creatively 3

18 - Plush Drapery

Lush window treatments work superbly in decorating a dining room in a worthwhile manner. Luxurious full length curtains hanging all the way from ceiling to the floor bestow grandeur of their own to the decor of any dining room.

Plush Drapery Plush Drapery  2 Plush Drapery  3

19 - Neutral Doesn't Mean Lifeless

Who said you couldn't go for a great dining room interior without bright colours? Neutral hues, when mixed and matched effectively, add unique richness and texture to any dining room space whether small or big.

Lively Neutrals Lively Neutrals 2 Lively Neutrals 3

20 - Varied Finishes

Varied finishes contribute greatly for casual look. You don't necessarily have to go with formal decor any time you think of adorning your dining room, you better mix and match for fun and excitement.

Varied Finishes Varied Finishes 2 Varied Finishes 3

21 - Balance!

Human eye cannot refrain from the charms and attraction of symmetry; a balanced layout results in irrefutable appraise.

Balance Balance 2 Balance 3

22 - Customised Colours are Great for Dining Room Ideas

You might resort to customised colours if you want to tell the viewers a cohesive story; make your own statement, a loud and blunt one with these colours in your dining room.

Customised Colours Customised Colours 2 Customised Colours 3

23 - Accent with Patterns

The elegance of your well decorated dining space can be further enhanced with playful and colourful patterned accents.

Accent with Patterns Accent with Patterns 2 Accent with Patterns 3

24 - Exude the Elegance of Age

It's not only the wine that gets better with age; you can exude the elegance of your antique furniture collection in your dining room decor.

Aged Elegance Aged Elegance 2 Aged Elegance 3

Let the people enjoy the antiquity of your furniture items as they are, without altering any of their finer details, while you enjoy consummate admiration for that.

25 - Highlight Family Pieces

You should never hesitate showcasing your family heirlooms within the decor of your dining room, whether they include some vintage vases, some art piece or even a vibrant rooster!

Family Pieces are Great! Family Pieces are Great! 2 Family Pieces are Great! 3

26 - Make it Conversation-Centric with Round Tables

Round tables are great for making your dining room decor conversation-centric.

Round and Conversation-Centric Round and Conversation-Centric 2 Round and Conversation-Centric 3

27 - Multiuse

If you lack in space or furniture that stands for a formal dining room setting, exploit on other spaces and items to serve you dually.

Multiuse Multiuse 2 Multiuse 3

28 - Utilise the Corners

You will have to turn the vacant corner spaces into your friends from foes, especially if you face the shortage of space in your dining area. Mostly, there also lies the opportunity to convert the space under the seating to a handy storage.

Utilising the Corners Utilising the Corners 2 Utilising the Corners 3

29 - Highlight Architectural Details

One of the best ways to do so is by using contrasting colours and textures against each other in architectural aspects of the room and its decor.

Architectural Details Architectural Details 2 Architectural Details 3

30 - Make the View Count the Most

One great way of setting your dining room decoration alive is by taking advantage of the outside view within your dining space, while keeping the furnishing and accessories totally simple.

Scenic Dining Room Decor Scenic Dining Room Decor 2 Scenic Dining Room Decor 3

31 - Hide Spills

Whether kids or adults, splashing and sloshing seems to be an inevitable part of any dining space; resort to rugs with colours and patterns that camouflage the spills conveniently.

Hiding Spills Hiding Spills 2 Hiding Spills 3

32 - Casual is Not Taboo in Dining Room Ideas Now!

Sticking to conventions is good, but going casual in decorating your dining room shouldn't be a taboo as well. Add a unique twist of casual dining room decor, enjoying meals differently than ever with these casual ideas for decorating your dining rooms.

Casual Isn't Taboo! Casual Isn't Taboo! 2 Casual Isn't Taboo! 3

33 - Add Salvage Signature to Your Dining Room Decor

The distinctive warmth exuded with the texture of salvaged wood is simply unparalleled. Adding salvage signature to your dining room decor will help you establish your own might in interior designing among your family, friends and visitors.

Salvage Wood Signature Salvage Wood Signature 2 Salvage Wood Signature 3

34 - Highlighting the Seasons

If you want to highlight seasonal decor, going for neutral and natural dining spaces is perhaps one of the best ideas.

Highlighting the Season Highlighting the Season 2 Highlighting the Season 3

35 - Create Focal Points

Creating adorable focal points adds immediate and blunt attraction to any dining room space.

Focal Point

Displaying your China right beside your dining table creates a praiseworthy focal point in any type of dining room decor.

Focal Point 2 Focal Point 3

You don't have to be too fancy in creating a focal point in your dining space; even a couple of large sized paintings can do the trick significantly.

36 - Drapery

The impact of draperies can be phenomenal in exalting the interior of your dining room space.

Drapery Drapery 2 Drapery 3

37 - Lanterns

Lantern fixtures can serve to greatly enhance the casual look of a dining space.

Lanterns Lanterns 2

A little variation is always a welcome sign!

Lanterns 3


These 37 Superb Dining Room Decorating Ideas UK are simple as well as practical, helping you decorate your dining room the way you like the best.

Don't forget to share with us some of your own tried and tested ways of decorating your dining spaces in the comment section below.

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