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51 Coolest Space Saving Furniture Ideas


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Space saving furniture is becoming more of a necessity than fad, as home sizes continue to shrink with every passing year. This entails coming up with innovative space saving ideas to make the best of small space living. If you are falling short in your space saving ideas, HomeArena are here with some amazing storage ideas in these "51 Coolest Space Saving Furniture Ideas".

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1 - Shelving Unit Tables and Chairs - This is What Space Saving Furniture is All About!

As they say, the simple the better; these shelving unit tables and chairs truly depict the elegance and efficiency of simple yet practical space saving furniture. The sleek design makes sure that this furnishing idea looks adorable without occupying much space and offering you optimal usage.


2 - Space Saving Dining Table Set

Worried about how to how to serve your guests generously on a beautiful looking dining table set in your too-small apartment? No need to worry, as this space saving dining table set is right here to help you save the day. It doesn't take much space when it's folded and can be opened up conveniently when required.

Space Saving Dining Table Set Source

3 - Chair Library

Are you crazy about books? Is your book collection on continual expansion? Here is one simple yet adorable and practical solution, the chair library. It wouldn't only offer you comfy seating, but would also host so many of your books right under your nose!

Chair Library Source

4 - Shelving Unit Chair

When it comes to space saving ideas for small homes, innovation is the key, just like this Domus chair. It is designed to host a shelving system right within its structure, capable of serving the user's varying needs.


5 - Literate Lounging - One of the Best Living Room Furniture Ideas for Book Lovers

Talking of books, you cannot get enough of them, could you! With an ever increasing hunger for reading and collecting books, you need some clever storage ideas to be able to take good care of them. Well, luckily we have this Literate Lounging idea for you, which will make you fall in love with it and us too!

Literate Lounging Source

6 - Fold Down Table

This fold down table can be one of the best small space solutions. Apparently, it is no more than a stylish mirror frame gracing any of your walls, but it can be lowered down conveniently to have a quick meal, a cup of coffee or serve for any other common household chore.


7 - Expanding Table

If you are always concerned about space saving solutions to get more out of your small sized home, furniture like this expanding table can do wonders for you. It can be expanded to a large dining table enough to host 10 people (115 inches) from a mere console size (17 inches) with the help of a unique mechanism featuring aluminium telescoping.


8 - Transforming Coffee Table

This transforming coffee table will surely become one of the your most favourite small living room ideas. Instead of buying two different furniture items, i.e. coffee table and a dinner table, you can get a transforming coffee table that can be raised and converted effortlessly to a dinner table.


9 - Hexa Table

Looking for optimising space ideas, this Hexa table can be your best bet. It is designed to offer you maximums storage capability in space of a regular table. This type of table can become your children's favourite spot in the home, enabling them to use it the way they want.


10 - Storage Coffee Table

This type of storage coffee table really signifies the concept of space saving furniture. The top surface of this multifunctional coffee table can be lifted upwards quite conveniently, also adding to the storage space in your small sized home.


11 - Coffee Table Combo - The Best of Space Saving Table and Chairs

You get three distinct furnishing accessories with this one coffee table combo, i.e. a chair, a low coffee table and a side table or a chest of drawers. When put together, these distinct items constitute this adorable piece of furniture, serving as one of the best small living room ideas.


12 - Wall Mounted Iron Table

Wall mounted ironing table is just a wonderful concept, especially for households looking for space saving furniture UK. Mounted on a wall, it can be unfolded to have a convenient ironing table at your disposal, which can be folded back when done.


13 - Convertible Shelf Table

This convertible shelf table definitely helps you save significant amount of space in your home, offering you totally reliable storage unit, which can be converted into a handy table quite simply.


14 - Side Table Stool Combo

This side table stool combo can surely be one of the best small living room ideas, which is as adorable as it is practical and space saving. You simply have to lift the top stool to get a stool as well as side table from one piece of furniture at your disposal.

Side Table Stool Combo Source

15 - Stacking Tables

These 3 beautiful racks stacked above each other offer you 3 storage compartments as well as two table tops covering no more than a couple of square feet on ground. This can add to your living room decor ideas as well as bedroom's, getting an instant head-turner.


16 - Hanging Changing Table and Storage Pod

Taking care of your infants, cleaning and changing them will never seem as easy as with this hanging changing table and storage pad. You can seat them comfortably over there with everything else you need, easily accessible. The good thing is that it can be folded back when not needed anymore.

Hanging Changing Table and Storage Pod Source

17 - Elevated Bed

You cannot get enough of space saving furniture nowadays, just like this elevated bed. Not only it serves as a striking focal point in a bedroom, but also helps free up much needed floor space when elevated up, serving as a storage showcase too.

Elevated Bed Source

18 - Storage Bed

Storage bed tops up the list of bedroom storage ideas, without any doubt. The good thing is that you can get high quality storage beds with varied storage mechanisms ranging from plain underbed storage drawers to convenient ottoman storage mechanisms.


19 - TV Bed - Space Saving Bed with a Difference!

Looking for some more wonderful space saving ideas for small bedrooms? What about a TV bed. Sure, it sounds quite unheard of, but it doesn't mean you can't get one. It is designed to store a LED/LCD in its footboard, which pops out and back in with a remote control.

TV Bed Source

20 - Sofa Bunk Bed

If you are always bothered with how to arrange furniture for small spaces, the sofa bunk bed idea can be your true saviour. It's really versatile and contemporary furniture making at its best, offering you unmatched comfort, convenience as well as space saving opportunity.

Sofa Bunk Bed Source

21 - Wall Bed and Sofa

Talking of contemporary furniture manufacturing, how this idea of wall bed and sofa could be missed. Right behind the wall area above the couch, a pull-down bed is hidden, which can be lowered down and lifted up when needed.

Wall Bed and Sofa Source

22 - Sofa Bed

Simple but elegant, practical and space saving without a doubt; the concept of sofa beds is brilliant when it comes to cater space issues in a small home. It acts as a lounging area during the day, totally capable of transforming conveniently into a bed at night or any time someone feel like sleeping.


23 - Footstool Bed Idea

Want to have one of the best space saving beds for small rooms? What if we told you it wouldn't occupy more than a footstool's space on your bedroom floor? Well, this is exactly what we have for you in this footstool bed idea, where you get a bed unwrapped literally out of a footstool in corner of your room. And when your guests are gone, it can be turned into a footstool again.


24 - Seat Sofa Bed Combo

Another great example of out of the box space saving furniture designs is this Seat Sofa Bed Combo named as "Pause", by German designer Meike Langer. Its simple but playful design can be manipulated to transform into varying positions for lounging as well as sleeping.


25 - Transforming Modular Sofa

A 3-seater sofa, an armchair and a chaise lounge, all three are essential furnishing items of present day. Is there a way all three can be combined? Well, seems like there is one, in this Sofista modular design combo set. Its ingenious design allows you to use these furniture items individually as well as stacked together in one furniture item.


26 - Dynamic Lounging

This Dynamic life sofa designed at Campeggi, the Italian furniture manufacturers, is true to its name, offering dynamic lounging all the way. It can be used as a sofa, a daybed as well as a bed, depending upon your need of the hour.


27 - Ottoman Seats Combo

Surprisingly, it seems more like in the box thinking rather than out of box thinking, as Cubista Ottoman offers 5 stools nested perfectly inside the ottoman. Now it shouldn't matter if one guest shows up on your door or a whole bunch, you'll be able to seat them conveniently with this furnishing your home.


28 - Storage Room Divider

You surely need clever storage ideas for small houses like this storage room divider, to make sure that your rooms not only look adorable, but remain functional and practical as well.

Storage Room Divider Source

29 - Media Centre Room Divider

Media has become an essential part of our lives. Most of us find a way to get connected to media no matter how busy our lives turn. That's what makes this kind of improvisation so relevant. A media centre/bookshelf room divider can add to the beauty as well as practicality in any small spaced apartment.

Media Centre Room Divider Source

30 - Storage Headboard Divider

If you are looking for space saving tips for small apartments, this one will really please you. A storage headboard divider can become a focal point in your room in addition to presenting you with handy storage shelving.

Storage Headboard Divider Source

31 - Home Office Storage Nook

Home offices are becoming one of the latest fads of present times, and quite rightly so. Our busy corporate lives need them very much; a quick reply to an all important client email, final touch-ups to an imminent presentation and so forth. This home office storage nook is well capable of catering all your home office needs without occupying much space on ground.

Home Office Storage Nook Source

32 - Home Office Cube

What about getting your home office needs catered through a mere cube. Seems like this innovatively designed cube is more than equipped to serve you the way you always wanted. From positioning your laptop to setting your printer and still having enough storage space at your disposal, this is simply amazing!

Home Office Cube Source

33 - Home Office Couch

And here is a couch designed to turn into your home office conveniently, serving all your home office needs superbly, deserving rightful a place in this space saving furniture list.

Home Office Couch Source

34 - Hanging Home Office

Concerned about your precious floor space getting occupied by some furniture pieces in the name of setting a home office? What about a home office hanging on your wall? Well, we have got this one right here for you.

Hanging Home Office Source

35 - Foldable Home Office

This foldable home office named as Ludovico Office is one simple yet amazing design, thanks to some innovative thinking by modern furniture manufacturers. It enables you to separate a chair and table out of an ordinary looking chest of drawers without much hassle.


36 - Home Office Chair

If you are looking for yet another home office space saving furniture idea, you wouldn't look elsewhere after seeing this contemporarily designed home office chair. You can use it in different ways depending on what you want to do at any particular time.


37 - Patio Stack

Looks like stacked up furniture not only serves well indoors, but outdoors too. These items stacked together do not take much space and are easy to store, ready to offer comfy outdoor lounging when you unstack them.


38 - Patio Cube

This amazing cube contains everything you need for luxurious outdoor lounging. When you get up, simply pull it together to transform into a cube again.


39 - The Multiple Use Wall Shelf

This is definitely a must have if you don't have much space for introducing bulky closets in your home for hanging clothes, or can't afford shelving units to showcase your stuff. True to its name, this multiple use wall shelf gives it all to you.


40 - Space Saving Hangers

Here you go with space saving hangers' idea, simple but really helpful in hanging many clothes in one place.


41 - Wall Mounted Hanger

Here is another variation of a space saving hanger, this time mounted on a wall to help you hang many things together in an organised manner.

Wall Mounted Hanger Source

42 - Jewellery Hanger

You love your jewellery, right? Why not have a place to display its charms to dazzle the onlookers. This wall mounted jewellery hanger looks like a perfect choice to help you do so.

Jewellery Hanger Source

43 - Space Saving Shoe Rack

If saving space for everything else, why not for storing shoes? This shoe hanging rack comes as an ideal choice to help you store your shoes without occupying much space.

Space Saving Shoe Rack Source

44 - Space Saving Corner Shelves

If you are able to find a way to utilise those difficult corners in your space-deprived home, it will definitely help you with storage issues; for example, these corner shelves.

Space Saving Corner Shelves Source

45 - Vertical Shelving

Vertical space is one of the most underutilised areas in a home, which can contribute significantly in solving storage issues of small homes.

Vertical Shelving Source

46 - Dining Table Drawers

Talking of space saving furniture, this Dining Table Drawers idea is worth mentioning too. Simply pull out the drawers to get your need of dining table and seats served well, while inserting them back in place after the meal is over. This will not only add to the beauty of your dining room ideas, but to the practicality and convenience as well.

Dining Table Drawers Source

47 - Pullout Pan Drawer

There's no kitchen without pans; the problem lies in not having lots of them, but storing lots of them. This is where the idea of this pullout pan drawer can be so useful and space saving.

Pullout Pan Drawer Source

48 - Under Stairs Storage

You can turn one of the most underutilised areas of your home into the most useful one by having this type of under stairs storage unit. From little toys to extra books and clothes, everything can fit really well in there.

Under Stairs Storage Source

49 - Bookshelf Staircase

Seeing your love for books, we have come up with this idea of bookshelf staircase, helping you showcase as many books as you want without compromising on scarce space in your home.

Bookshelf Staircase Source

50 - Staircase Drawers

With this type of staircase drawers at your disposal, storage issues in your small living space will never be able to haunt you again.

Staircase Drawers Source

51 - Hidden Dog Bowl Drawer

And if you are a proud owner of a faithful dog, you can feed it without worrying about where and how to place the dog bowl. This hidden dog bowl drawer might be the unlikely saviour for you.

Hidden Dog Bowl Drawer Source


Life is too short to keep worrying about what you don't have. Instead, you must come up with alternatives, helping you get the best of what you have. Hope these ideas can inspire you to live a happy and convenient life no matter how small your living space is. And feel free to share your ideas with us as well in the comment section below.

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