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Single size mattresses serve as very handy sleeping bases. Many people live their lives as singles, so bigger mattresses are neither required for them nor affordable. These mattresses are easy to take care and move around. Moreover, they also serve great for growing up kids striving for individuality. Guest hosting is another purpose that single sized mattresses serve well. The dimensions of a standard size single mattress commonly used in UK are: 90cm (W) x 190 cm (L).

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What Do You Get from a Single Sized Mattress?

Single size is among the most sought after mattress sizes sold all through the U.K. People prefer them for various different reasons. Some prefer them simply because they are living as singles and they do not need mattress any bigger than single. However, there are many couples as well who prefer using two single mattresses rather than a bigger one, because not only are singles cheap, but taking care of them and moving them around is also much easier.

People also like to go for them if they have bunk beds, giving their kids their own place to sneak in for sleeping. Mattresses in single size also help households in hosting overnight guests conveniently.

How to Get Them for Cheap?

For most of the people nowadays, quality or features are not the only things to consider while buying; price surpasses every other aspect of buying an item and quite rightly so. Therefore, it is very important for people to find a way to get stuff at cheaper rates and that is where Homearena comes as a great saviour. Our collection of single sized mattresses not only presents you with a wholesome variety, but also with the best and cheapest prices without any compromises in quality.