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Sprung mattresses are still believed to be the most widely used type of mattresses around the world due to their salient features, particularly the cost effectiveness. A network of coiled springs constitutes the base of these mattresses. Border wires of rods are used in a this mattress, so that it not only retains its shape, but also contributes towards a firmer edge. It has machine stitched sides, a factor significantly contributing in its cheaper prices.

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Make the Most of Your Sleep as well as Your Pocket with Sprung Mattresses

Also referred commonly as open coil, Miracoil, standard coil and continuous coil, this is the most commonly used type of mattress not only in the U.K., but around the world. In this type of mattresses, the base is constituted of interconnected network of highly strong and flexible springs. The sides in this type of mattress are strengthened and secured with high gauge rod edge, which adds to the sturdiness of the mattress and also helps in retaining its shape for a much longer period of time. Among a host of other benefits, one of the biggest reasons for global popularity of sprung mattress is the cost effectiveness. Their design enables them to be mass produced, which results in significant slash in their price.

In these mattresses, the ‘gauge’ of the wires holds critical importance, which refers to the thickness of the wire that is used in the springs. Usually, a wire of thicker gauge is used if the number of springs in a mattress is low, while a mattress with high number of springs is expected to have a wire of lower gauge.

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